Fava beans (known in the UK as broad beans) are a really popular snack in Spain and especially in our home city of Barcelona (where they’re also known as habas fritas). The snack is made by frying then salting the beans to give them them a crispy golden finish and savoury taste.

Incredibly moreish, these little beans go really well when paired with a cold glass of beer or scattered on top of a fresh summer salad. Sadly, simply frying and adding salt takes away all of the goodness that the beans contain. We didn’t think this was right, so we set about trying to find a way to make them healthier.

Little did we know at the time, but fava beans have been grown in the UK since the Iron Age and are truly one of the UK’s ancient grains.

After lots of trials (and many many errors), we figured out how to roast them to give the perfect crunch…and most importantly of all, retain all of the natural goodness that they contain.

We then took inspiration from our surroundings in Barcelona and put together some incredible seasonings to bring a little Mediterranean sunshine to our British grown snack packs!