We’re Sean and Laura, the husband and wife founders of PULSITOS.

We are always on the move and love to socialise at every chance we get. But, we also watch what we eat and drink…and we know we’re not alone!

When it came to snacking we could never find the right product – something that was healthy and full of flavour but that also didn’t leave us feeling unsatisfied, bored or hungry straight after…

So when we left our busy lives in London and moved to Barcelona, we had a bolt of inspiration to create something new.

In the Mediterranean sunshine, we are never left feeling “unsnackified”! Now, we’re not the first to think this Mediterranean culture really has something going for it! The pace of life, the healthy food and, of course, lots and lots of socialising and activity.

When we discovered how popular snacking is and that those snacks are made from natural ingredients – with minimal processing – we got to work and created PULSITOS to bring a little bit of this culture back to the UK.

We’ve taken an integral part of the Mediterranean diet – the super healthy fava bean – roasted and then flavoured them with tastes of Southern Europe to make a healthier, wholesome and more satisfying snack.

Whether it’s to sate an afternoon hunger pang, to fuel a run or simply find the perfect partner to your evening drink – why opt for a packet of greasy crisps or fatty nuts?!

Our snacks get PULSITOS racing. Iit’s time to #FEEDYOURPULSE