Fava-bulous Fava Beans

The fava bean is a type of pulse (which is technically the seed of a legume) and has been grown in the UK since the Iron Age. 

Peas, chickpeas and beans are all types of pulses. 

So, if you've ever eaten baked beans or hummus - then you've eaten pulses (and we're hoping, quite enjoyed them!). 

A popular snack in Spain, habas fritas, are broad beans that are fried in olive oil, dried and simply salted. 

We've changed things up a little bit though. Instead of frying, we've roasted our beans - ensuring that we retain as many nutrients as possible....and that list is lllllooooonnnnnggggg:

Carbohydrates; Fat; Protein; Fibre; Folate; Manganese; Copper; Phosphorous; Magnesium; Iron; Potassium; Thiamine (vitamin B1) and Zinc...

That's why, according to HealthLine.com, regularly eating fava beans may boost your immune system. 

We source our beans from all over the UK, however due to the type of soil, Yorkshire tends to produce the majority for us!