If we don't do it, who will?

We've started heading down the beach in Barcelona most Sunday evenings to team up with the fantastic Pure Clean Earth. They organise a weekly beach clean up with the aim of not only removing trash from the sand but inform and educate how dangerous and utterly destructive not putting trash in the bin (of which there are plenty) can be. 

Last Sunday we spent 1 hour cleaning a 1km stretch of sand. How much did we pick up...?


Everything from plastic straws, to plastic bags, bottles and, of course, crisp packets.

The most disturbing was the amount of cigarette butts that people just flick into the sand. 

Cigarette butts are made from plastic and cannot be recycled. So whether, they're stubbed out on the pavement or directly on the beach, they will more than likely make their way into a water stream (during heavy rain probably) and be washed into the sea. Once there they won't degrade and probably be eaten by marine life.