Tips for starting and sticking to Veganuary in 2021

Ready to take up the challenge of being vegan for an entire month? Don’t worry if you’re feeling nervous about it – PULSÍTOS is here to help keep your Veganuary anxiety at bay with tips on how to take on this month of change as a beginner.

Reasons to go vegan this January.

Being vegan has never been easier or tastier. The primary driving force behind veganism is for animal welfare but the bonus of carrying a plant-based diet is the endless benefits it has on your health and the planet. Research also shows that adopting a vegan diet can help you live a healthier and happier life, whether you want to lose weight or boost your energy levels.

In addition, sustainability is something we're all thinking about more than ever. Perhaps you're aware of the incredible amounts of freshwater used (and wasted) to raise animal protein or the fact that about 75% of global agricultural land is used for livestock farming and has an irreversible impact on wider ecosystems.

Whatever your reasons, increasing the amount of non-animal products in your diet is a great way to ease the pressures that the growing demands of a larger population is having on our increasingly fragile planet. 


  1. Do not be embarrassed.

Remember you are doing this for you and for a cause much bigger. So, in the occasional moment when you’re put in a position of explaining why you’ve changed your diet, don’t be afraid to educate those around you with the reasons why and don’t let negative comments discourage you - there’s always going to be one…

  1. Take a good look at your cupboard.

Now that you are ready to dust the negative comments away, start the challenge by taking a good look at what you’re working with already at home. Firstly, get rid of all non-vegan items (we recommend donating these so they do not go to waste - check out The Trussell Trust website to find a food bank near you). After the clear out, make sure your cupboard stays full of whole grains, vegan friendly sauces, plenty of hearty greens like spinach and anything else - like dried or tinned pulses - you find may be helpful along the way.

  1. Give yourself time to cook.

Changing your diet is never easy and the reason why most new diets fail is due to the lack of time one has to follow them. Make sure to clear enough time in your schedule for cooking your meals. The best way to do so is by planning your recipes beforehand. If time isn't on your side during the week, take an hour or two out during the weekend to meal prep - this way you're set for the week and less likely to break.

  1. Stock up on snacks.

Like most diets, it will take a while to get used to finding things you can and can’t eat as a vegan, making you eat less than usual, which in turn may leave you peckish more frequently.

Make sure you’re prepared with snacks throughout the course of the challenge to leave less room for breaking it. There are so many vegan snacks to choose from and without being biased… okay maybe a tad… the best vegan snack which will leave you satisfied for longer is PULSÍTOS.

Our snack packs are filled with 7g of protein and are 100% plant-based made using British grown fava beans. The best part?

They are crunchy and flavoursome all whilst being 100% plastic free - no guilt whatsoever.

  1. Be open minded.

Have you ever heard of an easy challenge? Unfortunately, being vegan for a month is not any easy one to do. So be open to failures along the road but equally think positively as there's no easier way than to guarantee failure than going into a challenge with a negative attitude. Remember that it takes habit to be in-tune with a new lifestyle so if you accidentally mess up because you didn’t realise there was chicken stock in your vegetable soup - don’t sweat it!

We hope these tips help you take on being vegan this January with success. Best of luck to all of you taking on the challenge!

We’ll be posting more vegan tips and vegan snack giveaways on our Instagram @pulsitos_uk through January.

Let's start 2021 with a bang! Good luck! 

If you want to, you can sign up, for free, to the Veganuary pledge at

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