About Us


…Can you hear that beat?

It’s the sound of your pulse, the soundtrack to life…the rhythm we rumba along to every day and night.

And if your pulse is the music, then your body must be the dancefloor and to keep the good vibes pumping, you need to look after it.

PULSÍTOS are a natural snack inspired by the Mediterranean and packed with goodness and flavour for life.


What makes PULSÍTOS different

Quite simply, it's what we stand for:


Fun and excitement pumps through our veins, you could say it’s the pulse that gets us out of bed in the morning. Living each day to make new memories, meet new folks and, most important of all, to laugh everyday. We are curious, playful and a little mischievous (when we want to be!).


Nobody ever went to the gym and came back feeling worse. We live for good times and being healthy is the best way to have fun. Our bodies are pretty simple really, treat them well and you’ll live a longer, happier and easier life. Treat them badly and well…you know what we’re about to say. Fava bean anyone?


Not only does roasting pulses produce a seriously tasty snack, growing them is also really good for the environment. They use less water than other protein sources, a lot less fertilizer too, and have a low carbon footprint meaning there’s no need to feel guilty when you scoff a whole bag in one sitting – you’re doing your bit for climate change...ok, we’re not quite there yet, but small things add up. Just ask Tesco.


In Barcelona, we don’t eat alone. Food is part of our social fabric: we share, we chat, we laugh, we dance and we enjoy every minute. There is only one thing that is more important than food in Barcelona: and that's people. So gather your friends around, tear open a pack of PULSÍTOS and let the time while away.


We have bags of personality, without the ego. We keep things as simple as possible and we don’t fill our products with ingredients that look more like maths equations. We speak fankly and honestly and we are not afraid to make mistakes which we can learn from. After all, that's what life is all about, right?!