Our adventure into the world of snacks


We're Laura and Sean, founders of PULSÍTOS. Thanks for checking out our little piece of internet land.


 Laura and Sean Founders PULSITOS  


If you've come this far, we guess you'd like to know a little bit more about us and what we're up to? Well, here you go....

We're husband and wife, passionate about the outdoors and eating well. We always had the burning desire to set up our own business...so here we are, we've combined it altogether and given it a go. 

Roasted not fried - 

We discovered broad bean snacks when we spent some time in Barcelona. We threw ourselves into the Mediterranean diet and ate everything we could get our hands on. One of us always had a packet of fried broad beans in our pocket. 

It got to the point when we were eating so many of them, we thought we should give it a go and try to make our own and after A LOT of trial and error, we figured out a recipes to roast instead of fry the beans. Creating a much healthier, far less oily and crunchy snack. 

Natural flavour - 

It's traditional to simply salt the beans in the Mediterranean - so our Lightly Salted beans are a nod to how they've always been eaten - but we wanted to season them with something a little different. So we hunted down some great flavours and brilliant partners who could help us make it happen. 

Six months of testing later, we had our first vegan, gluten free, low GI, high protein and high fibre snacks roll out of the factory! 

 Plastic is rubbish - 

After some initial market trials and really positive reception, we started to focus our attention on the outside of our snacks - the packs. 

It's undeniable, plastic is cheap, it's durable and widely used. Factories are all set up to working with it, supermarkets are used to stocking it and consumers are used to buying it. 

Did you know that every crisp packet, ever manufactured, still exists? And that 91% of plastic isn't recycled?

For us, we just couldn't contribute to this. It's expensive to go plastic free, we've had a lot of trial and error and a fair few sleepless nights but it's all worth to know we're doing the right thing. Plastic is rubbish and we're doing something about it. 

We won accreditation from A Plastic Planet which gives you the confidence that our packaging is completely plastic free. You can read more about them here and we encourage you to look out for the plastic free mark whenever you're out and about:

A Plastic Planet and PULSITOS

So there you have it. We're a business borne from passion and a deep desire to do some good and leave a positive mark. 

We hope you enjoy PULSÍTOS wherever you are. We just ask one thing: put the empty pack in either the paper bin with yesterday's news or in the food bin with today's banana skin. Thank you! 

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