Sean and Laura — Founders of Pulsitos



We're Laura and Sean, founders of PULSÍTOS. Thanks for checking out our little piece of internet real estate. If you've come this far, we guess you'd like to know a little bit more about us and what PULSÍTOS is all about? Well, here you go....

We're husband and wife, passionate about nature and enjoying the outdoors (when we can!) as well as food and eating well. We prioritise buying quality and making as much from scratch as we can.


Barcelona, food, and beans

We discovered broad bean snacks when we spent some time in Barcelona and we threw ourselves into the Mediterranean diet and ate everything and anything we could get our hands on!

We ate so many, we thought it would be worth experimenting and trying to make our own. After a lot of trial and error we finally hit jackpot. 

It's traditional to simply salt the beans in the Mediterranean but we wanted to season them with something a little different. So, we hunted down some great flavours and brilliant partners who could help us make it happen. 

Although inspired by our experience in the Mediterranean, all of our beans are grown, roasted and seasoned in the UK: or put in more slick, marketing speak: British snacks with a Mediterranean twist.

Pulsitos packaging

As for the packaging, we knew we wanted something to reflect the natural healthy lifestyle we believe in and this meant creating a pack that didn't contain plastic and wouldn't sit rotting in landfill for the next 80 to 100 years.

The real moment that grabbed us was when we were sat on the beach, having just munched a packet of crisps; we went for a dip only to find an almost identical package floating in the sea. A bit discoloured and with some algae hanging off it, it had clearly been there for quite a while.

Plastic food packaging will survive in the sea for almost 500 years and shockingly, the Mediterranean is the most polluted sea in Europe.

Why do so many brands put so much effort in developing amazing products on the inside, with zero regard for the outside? 

We didn't ever want to be part of the problem. It would kill us to see one of our packs floating around in the sea.

So, although it's expensive to go  and we've had a fair few sleepless nights, all of our packs are completely plastic-free, fully recyclable and even marine compostable (meaning if one ever does end up in the sea, it will disintegrate within a matter of weeks).

Turns out, you can have your cake (delicious snacks) and eat it all whilst doing zero damage to the environment. Plastic is rubbish and we're doing something about it.


So there you have it. We're a business born from passion and a deep desire to do some good and leave a positive mark. Find out more about our mission.

We hope you enjoy PULSÍTOS wherever you are. We just ask one thing: put the empty pack in the paper bin with yesterday's news or in the food bin with today's banana skin. Thank you!